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Kamis, 19 Desember 2019

We Have Our Own Timeline

When I was a senior high school student, I ever had a dream to continue my study until master degree. And now I have it. It is actually not easy. There are many people out there who said that I am an ambitious. Well I admit that people who didn’t know me so well will think that I am an ambitious, but actually it is not. Hmm of course I can’t tell my reason here, I will only tell it with people who I trust and know me so well :)

Actually, my study in master degree is not as enjoy as in bachelor degree. Wait, it doesn’t meant I am not enjoying my life now. It is very awesome actually, but there is an empty space in my heart. I miss my best friends. I miss my student life without someone/many people giving me question “when” especially when they know if my friend or my classmate has married. I miss my life without someone judge me if I’m an ambitious. I miss my life without someone said “ You are continuing your study again, again and again. don’t you want to marry?, your friends already have getting married”.

Hmm, am I angry with them? No, I’m not. But my question is, are they don’t have an interesting question or statement? Because their questions are very boring for me. I am continuing my study it doesn’t me I don’t want to marry. I think almost of people want it, but hey! you have to remember that every single of us has our own timeline. So please, don’t compere my life to others.

But at the same time, I’m still grateful because many friends and family of mine are very open minded. They always support me, support my dream and being a good listener for me. I’m very enjoying my life and always eager to reach my dreams. This year taught to just keep going for whatever that I faced.

Well then, a few more days we will welcome a new year, 2020. I remember that at the end of December 2018 I ever prayed something that seems impossible at that time, but Allah gave it to me in the middle of 2019. And today, at the end of 2019, I pray for something that I really know if it is not easy to get, but I really hope that I can get it in 2020. Then I also hope that I will meet YOU (don’t ask me who is “you”) LOL :D

Oh, I am forgetting something, I must conduct my thesis and mini research for international conference in next year. I hope all of them will be running well :)