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Minggu, 01 Maret 2020

Trip to Bromo

Gunung bromo merupakan salah satu objek wisata alam Indonesia yang berada di Kabupaten Pasurusan Jawa Timur

Hi everyone! How’s your life? I hope you’re good. 

It is so long time I haven’t posting in my blog. Today I want to share you about my experience when I visited Bromo mountain a year ago. I know it is too late but it is OK then never :D 

Visiting Bromo was my wish list in 2014, but I had chance to visit it in 2019, Alhamdulillah :). My trip to Bromo was started from Malang. Me and my friend (Eka) prepared our trip a month before we went to Malang. We tried to find some tour travel which could bring us to Bromo. There are many tour travels that you can choose if you want to visit Bromo. They have different price and facilities. Their price usually start form Rp 300.000 per person for open trip to approximately Rp 1,7 million for private trip (it depends how many person in a trip). Some facilities which usually provided by them are photographer, transportation + driver, ticket fee for entering Bromo, mineral water, etc. 

After searching some tour travel, we decided to choose Bromoasik as our tour travel to Bromo. If you want to know more about it, you can visit their instagram account (@bromoasik). Why we decided to choose that tour travel? Because they provided facilities which we needed for our trip, such as photographer, transportation + driver, and ticket fee for entering Bromo. For your information, we got two photographers (Mas Iqbal and Mas Nabil) in our trip, but usually they only provide a photographer in one trip. Their price is also affordable, it is only Rp 325.000. 

We started our trip from Malang Station at 11.30 pm. We met our tour guide (Mas Nabil) and four our new friends who would have a trip to Bromo with us. Then we continued our trip to the travel agent’s base camp (I am forget where the location was). When we arrived to the base camp, there were some other people who wanted to have a trip to Bromo too. After waited for about 1.5 hours, we continued our trip to Bromo, It was about at 02.00 am. We started to Bromo early to avoid traffic jam in that area, because if we went to Bromo at 04.00 or 05.00 am, it would be crowded and we couldn’t park near the sunrise point. It means that we should walking quite far. 

We arrived to sunrise point at 3 am, we waited for sunrise while warmed our bodies in the fireplaces that were provided in a small stall around there. Besides small stalls, there also has a small prayer room (musolah) and some toilets. We also could buy some foods and drinks, such as fried banana, noodle, hot tea, hot coffee, hot milk, etc. They also sell some hat, scarf and rent jackets. 

Gunung Bromo merupakan salah satu spot terbaik untuk menyaksikan matahari terbit
Sunrise from Bromo
After having sholat subuh at 04.30 am, we waited about 30 minutes to see the sunrise. At 05.00 we saw sunrise from sunrise point. You know what? That was very wonderful, Masya Allah. All of us were very happy to see it, because if it was cloudy we couldn’t see the sunrise. Then, we climbed to the Kingkong Hill. It is one of the best place to see Bromo Mountain. We were little bit tired to climb the hill, but it was OK because we could see the wonderful of Bromo and took some pictures from there. From this hill, we could see Bromo, Batok and Semeru Mountain. We didn’t see Bromo mountain form sunrise point because there was very crowded. 
Gunung bromo merupakan salah satu objek wisata alam Indonesia yang berada di Kabupaten Pasurusan Jawa Timur
Bromo, Batok, Semeru

Bukit kingkong merupakan salah satu spot terbaik untuk menyaksikan keindahan gunung bromo
Eka, Me, Safira, and the man (I'm forget his name)
Gunung bromo merupakan salah satu objek wisata alam Indonesia yang berada di Kabupaten Pasurusan Jawa Timur
Sunrise point
From Kingkong Hill we also could see other mountains, but I didn't know the name of those mountains. It was literally above of sky when we are here. 
Bukit kingkong merupakan salah satu tempat tertinggi untuk menikmati keindahan gunung bromo
Other mountains which you can see from Kingkong Hill

Then we continued our trip to Widodaren Hill, Batok Mountain, Pasir Berbisik, Bukit Teletubbies and savanna. Of course we didn’t forget to take some pictures. Actually we wanted to go to Kawah Bromo, but all of us felt very tired, so we decided to not go to there (it means I must go to Bromo again one day :D). 
Padang pasir widodaren merupakan salah satu spot berfoto terbaik di bromo

Gunung batok merupakan salah satu gari tiga gunung yang berada di kawasan Tn Bromo Tengger Semeru
Batok Mountain
Savana bromo merupakan salah satu tempat berfoto terbaik di kawasan bromo

Near of Pasir Berbisik there are many small stall that sell foods and drinks. There also many people who rent their horses. If you want to rent the horse, you must pay start from Rp 10.000 (only for taking picture with the horse) to Rp 150.000 ( If you want to be delivered to somewhere).
Pasir berbisik merupakan padang pasir yang ada di gunung bromo
Small stalls around Pasir Berbisik
Kuda ini menjadi salah satu kuda yang disewakan di kawasan bromo
One of horse which you can rent in Bromo

I visited Bromo in March 2019. It was a rain season, so that the grasses in savana were green, but the sky was not bright. 

Savana bormo akan menghijau saat musim hujan

Bunga edelweiss merupakan bunga yang dilindungi
Edelweiss flower
We finished our Bromo trip at 12.00 pm. It was one of my wonderful experience. I was so happy because I could realize my wish list to visit Bromo in 2019. What’s next? Hmm Dieng please :)