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Kamis, 02 Januari 2020

Hi 2020

Hi 2020
It’s not late to say welcome to 2020, right?
Well, first of all I would like to say thanks to 2019. Thanks for every single moment that happened in 2019. Thanks for making me believe that “we must have a dream”, even though it was not easy to achieve, but it could. Thanks for all happiness and sadness, those really made me became more wise in facing life.  Thanks for everything 2019, I learned a lot.

OK then, I think this year will be harder than the last year. There are some things that I want to achieve, both in my academic and my personal life. Next month I will face a "big" test. I know it will be not easy, but I will do my best for the test. I do hope I can pass it, aamiin :)

The next academic year in this year (2020/2021) will be the 20th year since the first time I became a student, it means that I have been a student almost 20 years. Well, I just realize that I have spent most of my life to study LOL :D.

Talking about study, I need more effort in this year. I must attend an International conference, not only as a participant but also as a speaker, then I must publish my research article in a journal. It sounds hard, but Insya Allah I can do it. One more thing that I must do in my study is, I must start to conduct my thesis in this year, hmm It will be challenging and I hope I can finish all of them :)

Then, one more thing that I ask to Allah in this year is, please give me a man who really love me and will be my husband, my partner in life, and my discussion partner. A man who know everything about me without judging, make me laughing effortlessly and I also can do those things to him as well. Allah, you are the only one who know it. Please send him to me.
Aamiin :)