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Jumat, 29 Mei 2020

Panjang Beach

Pantai Panjang adalah pantai yang sangat terkenal di Bengkulu dan menjadi salah satu ikon Provinsi Bengkulu

Panjang Beach is one of tourism site in Bengkulu. It is a famous destination in Bengkulu. The length of coastline of this beach is approximately 10 kilometers. That is why the name of this beach is “Panjang”. Panjang Beach is located in Bengkulu city and it is not too far from the downtown. This beach can be reached by public and private transportation.

There are many visitors come to Panjang Beach to enjoy the scenery. If you visit Panjang Beach, you will see many pine trees along the coast. Panjang Beach has white sand. Usually, visitors play sand on the beach. The wave in this beach is quite high, so the visitors are prohibited from playing water. In the dusk time, there are many people who see sunset from Panjang Beach. It is because this beach being one of the best place to see sunset in Bengkulu City. 

Jogging track Pantai Panjang merupakan salah satu fasilitas yang ada di Pantai panjang Bengkulu

The government provide some facilities around Panjang Beach. There is a large parking area, both for car and motorcycle. Across Panjang Beach, there is a sport center. This place usually use to some sports, such as, playing basketball, volleyball, etc. Besides that, sport center often uses for some events and festivals which held in Bengkulu city. There is a jogging track along the Panjang beach. Many people usually use it for jogging. Moreover, along Panjang Beach you can fine many restaurants which provide various foods and drinks, especially sea food. If you come to Bengkulu, do not forget to visit Panjang Beach. 

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